Friday, June 15, 2007

Newbie J-Corn


I recently asked our host to allow me to become a "poster" to this blog. He graciously agreed. He indicated I would need to start with a brief post about myself and why I started boxing. He did say brief, right?

My trail name is J-Corn, like Acorn, but with a J. My signature stamp has an acorn with a J in it. I ran across geo-caching some time ago and thought it would be fun, but then never followed up. I purchased an art book titled Art Stamping Workshop by local artist/author Gloria Page. It had mentioned letterboxing as a great hobby for those who liked to carve stamps. There was a link to LbNA. I followed that to MMoLB and here I am. I had already carved some number stamps, so that part of the process did not intimidate me.

I am an avid outdoors person who likes camping, hiking, hunting, canoeing, skiing, etc. I am a lifelong Boy Scout (since 2nd grade) and currently serve as my son's Webelos Leader and Cubmaster for Pack 733. I also am interested in art in several areas such as collage, cardmaking, beading, native American crafts, painting, and others. I am married and have two children, a boy, age 10.5, and and a girl, age 13. My wife is a school teacher. My son has found one box with me and is trying to come up with an idea for his stamp. I think my daughter may want to join in at some point. My wife has muggle tendencies, but if I ever get her on the trail, I think she might get hooked as well.

I think that is brief, isn't it? I look forward to meeting members of this group at a gathering sometime.



Grace to You said...

Welcome to the group, J-Corn! Nice to see you here...feel free to jump in with any lbing adventure stories you care to share.

Perdu said...

Welcome, J-Corn! Are you in the Columbia Mid-Mo area?

Just curious as some of us lurk from the edges of the state rather than smack-dab in the middle of it where all the action is...alas...

Hope to meet you on a trail some time.


ahistory said...

Welcome J-corn, I always enjoy reading these introductory posts. Hope to meet you on the trail or at a local gathering. this is a great area for letterboxing, lots of active boxes and boxers. I look forward to seeing some of your stamps in a few boxes someday. :')

OneMeanGreenBean said...

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

J-Corn said...

Thanks for the welcome.

I am from Columbia. I have found four boxes so far. I believe they were from Grace to You, Jenny-J, Mid Mo LB's collaboration, and C2B2 (original placer Illia).

I have also gotten one of my friends involved in LB. She has just finished her stamp and will be out there soon, even if I have to drag her kicking and screaming ;).

Lnd-Crzr said...

Indeed! Welcome! You know about proper re-hideation right? I jest! But really...

queenbusick said...

Sounds like you will fit in well with this bunch of nutty LB'rs - sorry bad pun..but I couldn't resist! Welcome and see you on the trail soon!

J-Corn said...


I practice safe boxing and rehideation. I can be very sneaky. I have contacted each placer of a box that I have found and let them know about the condition of the box, the fullness of the log, etc. I made sure each box was sealed and the ziplocks were sealed, etc.

I promise I did not take the Store of Letterboxing Manners.

I would not actually take my friend kicking and screaming onto the trail. She will be a good letterboxer as well.


Jenny J said...

Here's another hearty welcome to you from the northern edge of Boone Co!

Grace to You said...

Whew...that's a relief! It would be hard to be discreet with a kicking and screaming letterboxing companion. :)

It was great meeting you today! I have a feeling the letterboxers of Mid-MO are going to be in for a big treat when you start planting boxes.

McMonkey Mom said...

J-Corn~ Nice to meet you. I saw your stamp in the "Shelter" box recently when I was checking on it and wondered...Now I know! It's always nice to meet new boxers. Happy Hunting!

Fox-fyr said...

Welcome J-corn!
(Without giving awayany spoilers) I would love to hear why you chose which boxes you did for your first few hunts (it seems like Shelter Gardens often gets hit first by a lot of letterboxers and a number of us have been curious about what draws people to certain boxes first.

J-Corn said...


I pulled up the lists and looked at "names" first and some clues.

#1(Jenny J's) I recognized the location right away from the clues. It was between my son's school and our house, so we stopped by after I picked him up one day.

#2 (Grace to You's) Shelter Gardens. The LB bug had hit after #1, I can see the gardens from my window, as I work at Shelter, and I needed a break from my computer screen.

#3 (Mid-Mo LB Collaboration). It was close. I am recognized the place from the clues right away. I like the place. I was intrigued by the group effort and trying to be sneaky in a small area with people present. It met all my expectations.

#4 (C2B2) - The architecture element was interesting. The background story was great. Again near downtown and close, so I could do it on my lunch break. I had a general idea from the clues where it was.

All four of my first boxes had the common element that I figured the clues out right away and they were on my way to somewhere I already was going. None of them had any ciphers or codes, etc. They were close to me and I got immediate gratification finding them. I have worked on some others with ccodes, etc. and I will be of to find them soon.

Fox-fyr said...

Thanks...I think with 100+ listings for Boone County recognizing the place right away, especially for the name, and knowingthe location right away helps. My first box was Buried Jewells and pretty much for all the same reasons.