Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Saturday Meeting Minutes

Here are the other topics the group discussed.

1) A small insert (half of an 8 1/2 by 11 sheet) to slip into our local boxes. It would contain useful LB info for new or accidental finders, and possibly useful websites. We didn’t go into detail on this. Anyone want to take it on as a project? Those of you who are newer (less than a year) to letterboxing may have good insight into what should be covered.

2) A standard handout for anyone to use when contacted by the media. Everyone seemed to agree that this was a good idea, but we didn’t delve into it. As Foxfyr pointed out earlier, we don’t need to reinvent the wheel on this.

3) Two group projects were discussed. The first one is a series of letterboxes, probably all in one park, that cover various aspects of letterboxing: etiquette, use of a compass, solving ciphers, etc.

The second project would be a series of boxes around downtown Columbia highlighting cultural/historical/interesting spots in the area. The possibility of somehow involving the businesses was mentioned. McMonkey Mom has a friend in the business community that she was going to contact. We all agreed that more discussion from all of the local LB community was needed.

That’s about it, as far as I can remember. C2B2 may have some additional items that he will post. Any of the group attending, please add anything I’ve omitted. Now everyone please jump in and express your feelings on any of this, or take on some small piece of it as a project. And as always, Good ‘Boxing to you!


McMonkey Mom said...

I will volunteer to take this on. Grace to You has kindly asked me to adopt her boxes when she moves. Since "Shelter" seems to be such an often visted box then it seems appropriate that I undertake this task. Any Suggestions?

AJMonkeyMan said...

now are both those projects planning on being completed. or is that a 1 or the other. i thought we were going to do both. i would be happy to scope out spots with ahistory at oakland park. i know he was going to go out there anyways.

McMonkey Mom said...

I was referring to project #1 on this list. I will do the newbie sheet for info purposes.