Thursday, June 14, 2007

Smell the Flowers?

According to an e-mail I just read, if I read it correctly, Lady in Red and E-volution hit 30 boxes ALL on Saturday (including half a dozen or so of mine), the last by flashlight. These two may be even crazier than A-history *wink*, *grin*

And imagine . . .just two years ago or so we didn't even have 30 boxes in the mid-Missouri area.

ALL: Don't forget to take time to stop and smell the flowers (and to leave at least something interesting in the logbook---something other than just name and date). Letterboxing is an art, after all, right?


McMonkey Mom said...

Yeah, I got an email also. They got my box too. I was number 15 out of thirty. (Just as a point of interest!) Man, I can't imagine how much fun that must have been! Congrats to these two fine LBErs!

ahistory said...

I read the same only mine was like 9th and 10th or something.
When you consider that Lady in Red also planted 4 LBs in the last week, I think it is safe to say that she may be headed into LBA (letterboxers anonymous). I am the charter member by the way. There I have completed step one and admitted I have a problem, but by God it will be 100 more boxes before I move on to step 2. lol

McMonkey Mom said...

Hello, my name is ahistory and I am a LBA. (Letter Box-aholic)

I was thinking less of LBA and more of rockstar territory. Hmmm...maybe I have a problem too. I don't think that LBA is a bad thing but something to be admired for.

What is step two?