Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Road Trip Weekend

Sorry for the short notice, but if you happen to have all weekend free and don't have little ones at home to play with, you're invited to come camping and caving and 'boxing with me this weekend. Sometime on Saturday afternoon after I get out and stretch my legs for a bit, I plan on driving up to the Hannibal area to meet some friends who will be camoing and caving all weekend. They will be rustic camping in a conservation area (similar to Boone County'sThree Creeks CA--i.e. no facilities but it's free) and be caving on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I plan on hunting for boxes in Hannibal on Saturday and joining them for camping Saturday night and caving Sunday morning. If I have energy and time on Sunday I plan on driving up to Schuyler county (10 miles south of Iowa) to do a little maintenance on my Dark-Eyed Lady box. It's been found recently and in good shape, but the landmarks have changed, and I need to rework the clue.

If you want to tag along, send me an e-mail via the "contact the placer" link on LBNA and give me your contact info: name, phone e-mail. I have room for 4-5 in my car, a tent that sleeps four and helmets you could borrow if you want to go caving. The caves are all wet caves so you would need the same kind of gear as a Devil's Icebox trip (see last month's Devil's Icebox postfor details). Depending on how long my hike takes on Saturday I will likely leave Columbia around 2-3 p.m. on Saturday.

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