Monday, June 04, 2007

Post Mini Meet-and-Greet Report

Well the mini-meet was under threat of near torrential downpours all day but once again the weather gods were on our side and the large crowd who came out enjoyed a grand day of meet-and-greet with our new friends from Ill.

I did manage a group picture and a few others from the day. To see the lot, simply click HERE.

I did manage to release the clue to my better late than never, ‘Second LB Anniversary-100th Box Planted-Celebration of Fantastic LB (New and Old) Friends’ LB series, though just barely. The plan was to release 5 copies of it, but as time is a fast and fleeting nymph, I only managed to complete one copy. So how could I decide who should receive such a heavy burden? A contest of course! The starting location was hidden within the clue and so the contest became, who could find it first. The lucky person would get the map and thus, first shot at the quest. Through laughs and giggles the band of locals poured over the page. Eventually, through a true group effort the correct answer was given and in true Mid-MO form all agreed to share the clue and venture out as one.

Now, for those of you who were in on the contest I have a question for you. I have a pretty good photo of the clue, though I don’t believe it would be readable. Should I post a picture of it for others to see, or should it remain mysterious until it falls in their lap? It’s up to you. Please vote through the comments below. I’ll give it a few days and then make a decision.

For more detail of the day’s events, look at Fox-Fyr’s comment below the Mini-Meet and Greet Update below.



ahistory said...

I say post away, but wait until Saturday. Hehe

It was a grand mini-time. I could only stay for a few hours and had to leave before the cave tour. But as usual it was great to meet letterboxers old and new and share grub and stories.

Fox-fyr said...

Go ahead and post it. And if you're hunting with me on Saturday, please confirm that you'll be there so that I don't leave without you.

ahistory said...

I'm still planning on meeting everyone at ten. I can drive and hold 3 people who like to be bounced around. My Jeep loves that road. : )

McMonkey Mom said...

Man...I'm jealous! Hope you guys have fun this weekend! I will be heading out on a hunt tomorrow with much anticipation. Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

OneMeanGreenBean said...

Here's my official confirmation for Saturday. I'd love to ride with someone since my vehicle doesn't hold very many.

Lnd-Crzr said...

I'm not trying to speak for the group who is going questing on Saturday (though i think they're an open lot), but the clue I gave out is, for now, intended for anyone. That is, you didn't need to be at the gathering to be invited on this little jaunt. After this weekend I believe it will be passed about as a WOM (Word of Mounth) clue, though I'm not certain.

Seems like there was another epic quest floating about, but those who seek it must prove their worthiness. Hmmm....