Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Auther AJMonkeyMan

I have been told to tell a little bit about myself as i am a new author on this blog. My name is adam an my trail name is AJMonkeyMan. i have been boxing for about 8 months now maybe longer. My mother told me about Letterboxing and we have been interested ever since. I enjoy boxing a lot and hope to help new comers without publicizing the sport of letterboxing to a large crowd of people. I am happy to be boxing and cant wait to go on my next hunt.


Perdu said...

Welcome and enjoy (as you no-doubt already are) the wonders that are Letterboxing.

It sounds as though you have a personal mentor and I hope that you have read through the great information on this site especially with regard to stealth and re-hidiation.

Glad to count you among our number in the Great Show-Me State!

Got Clues? Show me!


Jared said...

Dude! Good to hear from you! Even if you were forced into it. ;)


Lnd-Crzr said...

While AJMonkeyMan is new to posting, he's certainly not new to LB. Welcome, welcome!

And here! here! to your comment of helping beginners but not publicizing! My thoughts exactly.