Saturday, June 02, 2007

Mini-Meet and Greet Update

Jut a quick update on today’s mini-meet. In the event of rain (though I believe it will have moved off by noon) we will meet at the pavilion south of the Devil’s Ice Box parking lot. Take the south trail and just round the corner is the shelter. It’s not far, but can’t be seen from the parking lot.



McMonkey Mom said...

Have fun! I'm off to work for the day. *sigh* Hope you guys have a good time. I want to hear reports!

ahistory said...

Thanks for the update, see you there.

Fox-fyr said...

What a great day today (even if I did have to leave early). We did indeed meet at the shelter which was not only nice and dry but gave usplenty ofroom to set up food on one end,logbooks on the other, and most people in the middle.

In attendance were guests Pitties, G'ma Weez, The Dafi Daffodil, The High Flyer, Agnes, Tiger and Shorty. Hosts included Lnd-Crzr, Ahistory, Evolution, MamaRoots and Jaws, One Mean Green Bean, Nugglebugs (the whole crew), Fox-fyr and Lady in Red (whom some of you may have noticed as a new finder made an appearance or two. (She had to leave early but hopefully had a chance to rejoin the crowd). Did I miss anyone?

The potluck had a nice balance of main dish, salads, bread, fruit, dessert and drinks (including Rootbeer for our good Capt'n--we didn't forget this time, Lnd-Crzr).

We even managed to pull off a few group photos though some one will have to post the pictures until I figure out how to download images from my digital camera.

Stamps were exchanged (and I noticed a few cooties and personal travelers floating about). Pitties and Crew even hid a LB in a temporary location for us to find (though admittedly I found the spare key to their vehicle before I actually found the LB).

The highlight of the day for our Mid-Missouri crew was the unveiling of Lnd-Crzr's new series to commerate his second anniversary of letterboxing. It should come as no surprise to those of you who have seen his work that he unfolded a giamt map (weathered and ages and elaborately decorated). His challenge to us was that the first person who could determine the starting location of the box would be able to take the map with them as a prize. The starting location was described in the King's English for all to see, but it was hardly what I would call plain English. Nugglebugs and One Mean Green Bean had a good eye for spotting the words, and Ahistory and Fox-fyr quickly determined the starting location from that, so in essence, we all came to the same conclusion at the same time and decided to share the prize. For those of you that weren't there, don't despair, several more copies of the clue will be floating around soon.

Off to boxing: Our guests had hit a few of the Wallace and Gromit series earlier that day, and in the afternoon the seven of them plus Ahistory, OneMeanGreenBean and Fox-fyr went on a guided tour of Connor's Cave (while Lnd-Crzr graciously ran a quick errand for our guests).

As we exited the cave, our rather quietday suddenly exploded into chaos as a group of about 20 people descended onto the Devil's Icebox creating a challenge for our guests. Would they be able to retrive the Devil's Icebox PLB and Connor's Cave PLB with enough stealth? Or would they be thwarted by the sudden swarm?
(insert dramtic pause and cliffhanger music)

. . .Alas . . .
(Insert words: TO BE CONTINUED)
..(the story must be finished by someone else as I had to leave at that point to go dancing at Art in the Park).