Thursday, June 07, 2007

Kw6F Clue

In case you were not at the recent mini (which turned out to be not so mini) Meet-and-Greet for the Pitties and crew who came in from Illinois (more on their adventures to come), here is the clue which was given out that is spoken of in posts below. I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep it a secret until it lands in unsuspecting laps, or if folks would want to go ahead and see it. With a couple weighing in on this issue I decided to post it.

It is in celebration of my second year of Letterboxing (though it is very late), my 100th box planted and the fabulous friends I have made through this hobby (or addiction as some might call it). I did a similar quest for my first anniversary and am already working on the third epic quest as my anniversary is actually in December.

At this point I believe it will become a WOM (Word of Mouth) clue, never published, but simply passed from person to person.

Good luck to those heading out on Saturday!




Grace to You said...

What a tease! I tried to read it but it's not possible - for my eyes, at least. That's downright cruel. :)

ahistory said...

Come with us on Saturday and we'll let you read it for us. LOL

nugglebugs said...
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nugglebugs said...

Agreed. It may not be your eyes at all that are the problem. I appreciated the comment someone else posted: the clue is right there in "King's English"...which makes it all the more frustrating trying to decipher it.

Compliments to Lnd-Crzr on a beautifully crafted map. We're already looking forward to our chance to read it too.

Dumb question: "Kw6F Clue" ? I don't understand...

Lnd-Crzr said...

'Kw6F' will become clear in due time and who doesn't love a good tease!


ahistory said...

What a grand time was had on this quest last weekend. For those of you who were unable to go, I highly recommend this one and I think all in my party would agree whoeheartedly with that assessment. I also recommend taking as many fellow LBers as you can with you. As we found out, this series is best enjoyed among friends.


J-Corn said...

Awesome piece of work Lnd-Crzr. I hope I get to see it in person some day!