Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I wanted to share a couple interesting things from my letterboxing adventures in San Francisco. Like Fox-fyr mentioned in her recent post, letterboxing in the city is completely different from letterboxing in wooded areas and parks. I was completely out of my element in San Francisco and nabbing a box that is only feet from the road when you have no cover is really challenging. It's amazing that some of the boxes have lasted as long as they have, especially when you look at all the clues for which the boxes were known to be missing.

I wanted you all to see this stamp. It's a folding stamp. The strip of duct tape works like a hinge, so you can fold the stamp up to put it in the box but you can open it out to stamp with it.

This is an example of how a couple boxes I found were camouflaged. When hidden in patches of ivy, they blended in quite well. It made stamping in a bit easier too. You put the lid on the box and set in down in an area with some other plant and no one is going to notice it while they're passing by.

Hopefully I can get some more pictures out for you to see soon!

Lady in Red


ahistory said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. One thing I love when letterboxing in other parts of the country is finding new innovative LB designs and placements.
Every new place always has a few good secrets to the trade to share.

Jenny J said...

Thanks, L in R! It's great fun to actually see what other areas are doing. Regarding that folding stamp - we may all have to get supersize logbooks if Lnd Crzr takes to that idea!

Lnd-Crzr said...

But why stop with two folds? Why not great, long accordion style stamps that play out a story like a medieval tapestry!?!?!?

Just kidding. I think AHistory currently own the title of ‘Grand Slab Carver’.

Thanks for the report and look forward to hearing more. I'd be ecspecialy curious as to an estimate of how many boxes have gone missing in the area. I'm always looking for information on how we compare in this regard.


ahistory said...

Haha Lnd-Crzr yet another title that has been thrust upon me by my own doing. I may have to turn that postal into a letterbox afterall so everyone else will understand to what you are referring.

As for missing boxes, I was planning a trip to Tulsa last night and noticed that of the 35 or so boxes I could identify in the area from LBNA and AQ 6 were missing. So by my count, nearly one-fifth of the boxes in that area are missing. I think your mantra of proper rehideation is paying off. Seems everywhere I go no one is doing as well.

But speaking of missing boxes, I am sad to report that while out at Albert Oakland today I checked on a box I had heard was missing and can confirm that Looney tunes on the Loose #4: You're Despicable! was no weher to be found. Sorry Steph, but I hope you pulled it for maintenance.

McMonkey Mom said...

This looks so neat. SO different from what I know here. We are vacationing in Wisconsin soon and I am looking forward to boxing in a different state. Thanks for the pictures. Very interesting!